How Big Is a Movie Theatre Screen?

Going to a cinema or movie theatre is usually a great experience, but have you ever wondered what size the screens actually are? It seems movie theaters have attempted to keep their screen sizes secret for the most part. We’ve done a deep dive across the internet and found the answers so you don’t have too.

What Is the Biggest Movie Theater Screen in the United States?

There seem to be multiple answers to this across the web. As of January 2022 The worlds tallest IMAX screen resides in the United States at the Royal Cinemas, Pooler, Georgia. It is 101 feet wide and 76 feet 2 inches tall. 

The Largest Movie theatre screen in the USA

What Is the Biggest Movie Theater Screen in Europe?

The biggest cinema screen in Europe used to be in the ODEON Luxe Leicester Square but was overtaken by the Traumpalast Leonberg in Germany as of the 6th of December 2022. It measures 127.2 feet wide and 68.8 feet tall, which is wider than a standards Boeing 737 plane.

What Is the Largest IMAX Screen in the UK?

The BFI IMAX in London boasts the largest screen in the United Kingdom. It is situated at the South Bank, adjacent to the British Film Institute (BFI) building. The screen itself is an impressive sight and stands 85.3 feet wide and 65.6 feet tall.

This gigantic screen provides a truly immersive movie-watching experience for visitors. It offers exceptional picture quality, with high-resolution images and vibrant colors that enhance the visual impact of films. Coupled with the state-of-the-art sound system, the BFI IMAX ensures a dynamic and engrossing audio experience, enveloping the audience in the movie’s soundscape.

What Is the Biggest Movie Theatre Screen in the World?

While there doesn’t actually seem to be a definitive answer we’ve calculated that the Traumpalast Leonberg has the biggest surface area in the world coming in at a whopping 811.59 meters. 

How Big Are Normal Movie Theater Screens?

Each and every movie theatre will have slightly different screen sizes and multiple different sizes at that. The best way to find out what size your local movie theatre screens are is to ask them via email or in person.