90s Films on Prime Video UK

In total there are 11 films from the 1990s included as a part of Prime Video UK memberships. A prime video membership costs £8.99 a month and comes with many other benefits including but not limited to; Unlimited music, Video game rewards and next-day delivery. 

The films mentioned in this article are correct as of 22/02/2023.

Why is content on Prime Video different depending on your country?

Content on Prime Video varies depending on the country you are in due to licensing and distribution agreements. Amazon Prime Video needs to obtain the rights to stream movies and TV shows from studios and production companies, and these agreements are often made country-by-country.

For example, a movie or TV show may be available for streaming on Prime Video in the United States, but the rights to stream that same content may be owned by a different company in another country. This means that Amazon would need to negotiate a separate agreement to offer the content in that country. Additionally, different countries have different laws and regulations that can impact what content is allowed to be shown.

As a result, the availability of movies and TV shows on Prime Video can vary significantly from one country to another. This is why you may see different content offerings and availability when you travel or access Prime Video from different countries.

90s Films on Prime Video UK: The Full List

While I wouldn’t recommend a lot of the films on the list below it’s great to give a full picture to our readers as some people’s tastes differ. 

  1. Super Mario Bros (1993)
  2. A Time To Kill (1996)
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
  4. 187 (1997)
  5. The Negotiator (1998)
  6. Cries from the Heart (1994)
  7. Terror In The Family (1996)
  8. Mortal Kombat (1995)
  9. Clueless (1995)
  10. Marching Out Of Time (1993)
  11. Heat (1996)

Our tops picks

The 1990s were a great decade for movies, with a wide range of genres and styles represented. Fortunately, many of the best films from the 90s are available to watch on Prime Video, making it easy to revisit old favourites or discover new ones. In this list of top picks, we’ve compiled a selection of some of the most memorable and influential films from the 90s that you can stream right now on Prime Video. From gritty crime dramas to mind-bending sci-fi epics, these films have stood the test of time and remain essential viewing for any film fan.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a 1995 action-fantasy film that is based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. The movie tells the story of three warriors from Earthrealm who are chosen to compete in a high-stakes martial arts tournament against fighters from the Outworld in order to save the world from domination by the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung. The Earthrealm fighters, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, are guided by the thunder god Raiden as they train and prepare for the tournament, which is held on a mystical island.

The film features an ensemble cast of characters from the video game, including fan favourites such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Goro. The movie’s martial arts choreography and special effects were highly praised at the time of its release, and it has since become a cult classic among fans of video game and action movies. The film received mixed reviews upon its release, and many critics and audiences have come to appreciate it for its campy humour, over-the-top action sequences, and faithful representation of the video game characters.

Overall, Mortal Kombat is a fun and entertaining movie that captures the spirit of the video game franchise while also offering something new to fans. With its iconic characters, memorable fight scenes, and energetic soundtrack, the film has become a beloved classic that has endured for nearly three decades. Whether you’re a fan of the video game or simply looking for a fun action movie to watch, “Mortal Kombat” is definitely worth checking out.


Clueless is a 1995 coming-of-age comedy film that follows the life of Cher Horowitz, a popular and wealthy high school student living in Beverly Hills. The film itself is just over 90 minutes. Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, is a fashion-conscious teen who is obsessed with her social status and appearance. Along with her best friend Dionne, played by Stacey Dash, she navigates the challenges of high school life while trying to find love and meaning in her privileged world.

The film is notable for its satirical take on the superficiality of the high school social scene in the 1990s. It features a talented cast of young actors, including Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, and Donald Faison, and is known for its witty and quotable dialogue. The film’s soundtrack, which features popular songs of the era, has also become a cult favourite among fans.

Clueless was a critical and commercial success upon its release, and it has since become a cultural touchstone that has influenced fashion, music, and pop culture. The film’s themes of friendship, self-discovery and teenage rebellion continue to resonate with audiences today, and it remains a beloved classic of the coming-of-age genre. Whether you’re a fan of the 90s or simply looking for a fun and relatable movie, Clueless is definitely worth watching.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a 1999 dark comedy film that satirizes beauty pageants and small-town life. The film is shot in mockumentary style, following a group of contestants as they compete in the Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant in rural Minnesota. The cast features Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy, and Ellen Barkin, among others.

The film skewers the competitive and cutthroat world of beauty pageants, highlighting the absurdity and hypocrisy of the events. The characters are portrayed as over-the-top and quirky, with each contestant representing a different stereotype or archetype. The film’s humour is often crass and irreverent, with plenty of dark and subversive jokes.

Despite receiving mixed reviews upon its release, Drop Dead Gorgeous has since become a cult classic among fans of dark comedy and satire. The film’s biting commentary on beauty standards and small-town life still resonates with audiences today, and its talented cast and clever writing continue to draw new fans. If you’re in the mood for a funny and irreverent film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is definitely worth checking out.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is a 1993 science-fiction adventure film based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. The movie is directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel and stars Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as Mario and Luigi, respectively. The film follows the two brothers as they journey through a parallel universe to rescue Princess Daisy from the clutches of the evil King Koopa, played by Dennis Hopper.

The film is known for its unique take on the video game franchise, which it transforms into a dark and gritty science-fiction epic. The world of the film is full of strange and surreal imagery, featuring a mix of dystopian landscapes and fantastical creatures. The performances by Hoskins and Leguizamo have been praised for their humour and energy, even as the film itself was panned by critics.

Despite its poor critical reception, Super Mario Bros has developed a cult following over the years, with many fans appreciating it for its offbeat and unconventional take on the source material. The film’s legacy as a unique and experimental piece of video game adaptation continues to influence the genre to this day, and it remains a fascinating and entertaining oddity for fans of the franchise and lovers of cult cinema.

Why 90s films on Prime Video UK are worth watching in 2023

In conclusion, the 90s was a decade of cinematic gems that continue to captivate and entertain audiences today. Thanks to the power of streaming services like Prime Video UK, fans can revisit their favourite classics and discover new hidden gems they may have missed. From the action-packed adventure of Mortal Kombat to the nostalgic pop culture of Clueless, there’s a 90s film for every mood and taste. For video game adaptations on Netflix, see this list from Great Adventures Review.

So why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of these beloved 90s classics on Prime Video UK? Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, romance, or action, the films of this decade are sure to transport you back to a time when flannel shirts, neon colours, and frosted tips were all the rage. So pop some popcorn, cosy up on the couch, and prepare to relive the magic of the 90s with Prime Video UK!