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How Big Is a Movie Theatre Screen?

Going to a cinema or movie theatre is usually a great experience, but have you ever wondered what size the screens actually are? It seems mo…

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How long did it take to make The Simpsons Movie?

The Simpsons Movie spawned its own video game and made bank at the box office, raking in $536.4 million worldwide. It was the 8th highest-gr…

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Does Will Ferrell Perform in Serious Roles?

Will Ferrell is primarily known for his comedic roles, but he has also shown his range as an actor by taking on more dramatic and serious ro…

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R2D2: Was there ever an actor inside?

R2D2: Was there ever an actor inside? R2-D2 was and still is a significant character in the Star Wars films, particularly the first trilogy …

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The History of Wanda and Vision’s Relationship in the MCU

Spoiler Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for several Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including “Avengers: Age of Ultron,&#82…

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How Long Does It Take To Film A Season Of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is a popular American television series and franchise that began as a comic book series created by Robert Kirkman in 2003. …

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Can You Watch A Rented Amazon Film More Than Once?

When you rent a film on Amazon, you typically have 30 days to start watching it. Once you start watching the film, you usually have 48 hours…

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Does Stan Lee appear in Logan?

Logan is a critically acclaimed film that has earned high praise from audiences and critics alike, one of the reasons for its success is its…

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2000s Pop Culture History: A Look Back at the Decade That Defined Us

It’s 2023, and you’re looking back at the defining pop culture moments of the 2000s. What do you see? It’s been a long tim…

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90s Films on Prime Video UK

In total there are 11 films from the 1990s included as a part of Prime Video UK memberships. A prime video membership costs £8.99 a month an…

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What are the best films under 90 minutes? (Ish)

It’s not necessarily that films under 90 minutes are inherently “good”, but rather that a tight runtime can help maintain …

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Who is Neil Druckmann: The Last Of Us Creator

Neil Druckmann is a video game developer, writer, and director best known for his work on the critically acclaimed and award-winning game, T…

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80s Films on Netflix UK

This article contains a list of the best 80s films currently on Netflix UK. Some of the films featured here also appear in our 50 Best Films…

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The 50 Best Films of The 80s

There are plenty of good 80s movies to watch available on the majority of streaming platforms. The 80s was and still is arguably is the best…

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